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Fourth of July Parade

July 4th finds the staff and students of Thistle Ridge getting ready for the Winslow Parade.

The truck and trailer are all decked out with patriotic bunting.

Crusoe seems unconcerned by all the fuss.

Finally we get started.

Crusoe made us all proud. Nothing seemed to faze her. The loud music, frisbees, and soap bubbles coming from the float in front of us were all taken in stride. She seemed to love showing off for the thousands of people lining the streets. It was a long hot parade and we were all anxious to get back to the farm. When Crusoe was unloaded in our driveway she seemed surprized to find herself at home again. Once the braids were taken out and her leg wraps were removed she was very pleased to be turned out with the rest of the herd in the far pasture.

Now the students are already planning the next parade. They are talking about taking several horses and doing a drill team demonstration. We have about a year to think about that and to get the girls and horses trained.

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