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Halloween Open House

October 31, 2010

The costume parade of horses was very popular with our guests.
Here we have Cody dressed as a giraffe and Breanna and her owner in their finest island outfits.

Chippy is dressed up as the One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater. If you look closely you can see his tiny wings in the center of his back.

Open House May 6, 2006

Well Attended!

Having a new sign installed

Our new sign is being installed. Our sign was made by Leighton Sign Works of Oakland, Maine. They knew that we had our open house planned for May 6th so they put a rush on getting it done and installed the day before.

Saturday was fine weather for our Open House. We all started early to get everything ready to welcome our guests. Cleaning stalls, moving manure to the compost pile, cleaning the rest room, stowing loose items out of the way, setting up tables for the buffet, picking up balloons to tie to the mail box and making an "Open House" sign were done quickly by the owners, manager, friends and family.

Hot Dog lady

Our good friend, Brenda, set up a hot dog stand in the the aisle of the south wing. She greeted guests as they arrived and kept count of attendees. She said that we had 73 guests visit Thistle Ridge.

In addition to the hot dogs we also had an assortment of finger sandwiches, veggies, chips, salads, and many homemade bars and cookies. We offered a wide variety of canned or bottled soda and juice plus coffee.

Each year we have held an open house in May. This year (2008) we offered pony rides for the first time. They were very popular with the youngsters. The night before the open house several of our students camped out in the hayloft which was nearly empty and awaiting this year's supply.

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