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Barn Cats

A couple of kittens have started spending time in our barn. They should be living next door but they like all the attention they get when they come to visit us. Most of the horses seem to be completely at ease with these kitties. The kitties curl up in the horses' hay to take naps while the horses calmly eat the hay around them. These two young cats are proven hunters so they are welcome in the barn. We just wish they wouldn't be so darn cute all the time. It is hard to shoo them away when they turn on their purr-motors.

Oreo Kitty taking a nap.

The other cat was nowhere to be seen when the pictures were being taken. The girls call it Zebra. As you may guess it is black and white also. For awhile in the summer we had another barn cat. We called it Sprite. It was very nervous and would run out of the barn the minute any of us entered. It slept in the hay and hunted mice and moles. We haven't seen Sprite in several weeks. Perhaps Sprite was a lost cat and has found its way home. If so, we are happy to have provided shelter in our barn.

Oreo and Zebra have moved away from the barn but they are still loved by all who knew them.